with modern approaches to proven restorative and preventative lifestyle

with modern approaches to proven restorative and preventative lifestyle

Healing soups, stews, freshly-made Juices, daily meal preparation with organic fruits and vegetables, sprouted beans, grains, lentils and more! Learn how to detox, clean up your health and your environment.


Healing soups, stews, freshly-made Juices, daily meal preparation with organic fruits and vegetables, sprouted beans, grains, lentils and more! Learn how to detox, clean up your health and your environment.

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Restore balance to the body and mind with Juice, Food, Supplements, and Detox to heal every manner of Dis-ease within the body. If you are interested in Nutritional Healing for yourself and your family, I invite you to utilize my 5 week, 5-step Course. To find out more, visit https://C2EM.as.me/ to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with me. I offer videos, resources, and first hand knowledge to begin turning your Health around NOW. I also open my kitchen to anyone hungry for Healing and make home visits to teach the detox and non-toxic home set up for restoring health.

Gerson Therapy -style Kitchen


Follow, watch, and learn a great way to feed yourself and your family for healing and balance.

Detoxing for Health


Detoxing will clear out toxins from the liver, release glutathione, and give your digestive system a break to heal and restore. You can introduce new eating habits more easily and permanently as you shift the way you relate to coffee!

Vaccine Safety


Vaxxed the Documentary

This documentary is produced by Del Bigtree. He is host on the HighWire. Subscribe to his channel on YouTube to stay up-to-date on developing news in vaccine justice. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq6oOuhSx7ESreh6m9LGy6Q

The film was to air at Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Film Festival. However he cancelled the screening, so the producers decided to take a bus on the road. Incredibly, lines of parents came to tell their stories. Many are recorded on Vaxxed TV on Youtube where you can find many Vaxxed Stories in order to expose yourself to real news. Because the media doesn't let these stories get through to you.


McDowell Michigan Triplets defy all objections to vaccination as cause for Autism. All three regress into Autism same day after 1 vaccination at 9 months.



Did you know this rising genetic mutation on this enzyme which is responsible for methylation of vital nutrients is causing a rapid increase in deficiencies and toxicities related to the origin of pathologies recognized as autism and other chronic disease of the mind and body. Learn more and find out your MTHFR status to avoid folic acid and vaccines, increase glutathione and bioavailable folate and B12, and begin to detox and heal from a myriad of behavioral and mood disorder.


Suzanne Humpries gives a history of polio and explains why she believes events other than vaccines led humanity out of the huge mortality of infectious diseases.


Documented deaths by polio have only been 5-10% of 1% of cases. But in 1916 there were 23,000 cases and 5,000 deaths (25% afflicted died). This epidemic could not had been caused by Italian immigrants coming into New York, as endorsed history will tell you, because they arrived after the epidemic. Dr HV Wyatt , published in the Open Vaccine Journal in 2011, has been writing about provocation polio since the 1950's, proposed the theory that the epidemic could have been introduced by a unique strain of nootropic polio virus that was being refined a few miles from the epicenter of the epidemic. At Rockefeller Lab, scientists were experimenting on a mutant virus called the MV strain that had high affinity for nerve cells. The documented intention of those scientists was to produce the most virulent strain they could. This set the stage for fear.

Dishonesty in Vaccine Industry

Did you know there are no placebo trials for any vaccine ever? Pharma has no liability and thus seeks only to gain billions in profit from the manufacture of vaccines? The HHS, our government agency created to oversee vaccine safety, is corrupt and incompetent...

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Recovering Kids

Healing with GAPS Diet


Resources for learning more about biomedical healing.


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WHat's in a vaccine?

Mercury and Aluminum

This is what happens when these two metals interact...


Dangerous microbes present as co-morbid condition for autistic and vaccine-injured children with autoimmunity and associated pathology.  

Information on Mycoplasma contaminated vaccines here...


Vaccines Continued


Deception of Herd Immunity

Immunologists Dr. Tatyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. exlains why vaccines don't work and describes real herd immunity and the importance of Breastfeeding. The damaging result of vaccination to real herd immunity is temporary immunity from vaccinations which is eliminating maternal immunity much faster than we are eliminating the virus. But babies are protected by Mother's who had natural measles with subsequent lifelong immunity through breastmilk.


Dr. Wakefield on Herd Immunity:

Vaccination not only destroys Natural Herd Immunity, but it makes a disease much more dangerous that it was historically.


Vaccinated VS Unvaccinated

Peer-reviewed publication shows vaccinated children are significantly sicker than unvaccinated. 

Dr Wakefield


Dr Mawson Study of Homeschooled children shows who is sicker.


Rechallenge Cases: The Rechallenge Phenomenon in court is the most powerful evidence of causation. When a child has an adverse vaccine outcome following the MMR followed by catastrophic decline following second MMR vaccination, this presents an exceptional body of evidence for consideration on causation. 

Studies have been published showing vaccine causation in these rechallenge cases.


Shots at Birth

Why do we vaccinate babies at birth?

Fearless Birth



"Our physical birth has a profound impact on our relationship to all that we encounter." An out-of-hospital birth option for the low-risk pregnancy can ensure your baby is not injured by vaccination, antibiotics, and unnecessary intervention; that baby is not denied her full supply of blood by premature cord-clamping, and that both mommy and baby enjoy a gentle and empowering entrance into their new journey together.

Enjoy a quick read from Dr. Morningstar's ebook here...

Pre and Post Partum Care

A Safer Pregnancy: Preconception, During, and Post-Pregnancy. An informative booklet on how to protect against Autism Spectrum Disorder in your baby.


Nutrition for Pregnancy: Preventing Autism


Having a supportive community makes the difference! Enroll in natural birth courses, speak with a doula, join natural mama facebook pages in your area.

And read this book! The Empowered Mother by Cara Comini.


Capture your amazing birth  ♡

C2E Photography in Conway, Myrtle Beach, and surrounding area in South Carolina, or find a birth photographer near you! 

Placenta Encapsulation

A helpful supplement to ward off baby blues, improve breastfeeding, and keep your energy strong to Heal and care for a new baby.

Courageous Motherhood

Connect to your local tribe of mothers committed to non toxic birth, newborn care, and health and upbringing of children in line with the healing power of nature and the divinely created body in its perfection. Learn to harvest the full potential of life through health in Your grocery shopping, food preparation, and health care. 

If you need help finding your people, please get in touch with me. We will get you supported and empowered in your community! God bless!

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